VirtualBox IPS Package for Solaris 11

Some time ago I had to write a script to convert currently downloadable VirtualBox Package into IPS Packages for Solaris 11. As I found the thing really useful, I decided to setup a repository to provide everyone easy access over these packages.

You can find the different version available here:

To install one version, follow these steps:

First, add the publisher:

pkg set-publisher -g '' solaris

Then refresh the publisher cache:

pkg refresh --full

And finally, install the virtualbox version you want:

pkg install virtualbox@4.2.12

You can also install the virtualbox’s additions:

pkg install virtualbox-extpack@4.2.12

If you have any question on that, don’t hesitate to contact me.

IPS Repository

I’ve recently been able to build two IPS repositories for Solaris 11, so I’m now sharing access to these here.

The first repository concern some package that I’m using on a daily basis, so I’m just sharing them:

To add it as part of your Solaris 11, installation, simply type:

pkg set-publisher -P -g espix

Currently, package listed are:

  • openvpn
  • tuntap driver
  • rssh

I’m planning of releasing much more soon. Puppet and Facter are to come and JRDS is also in my plans.

I’ll make a separate post for the second repository 😉