SAN Storage: CLARiiON LUN0 devices

This week I’ve had a problem with CLARiiON SAN Storage that needed to be investigated.

Here is my findings:

Problem: When provisionning a Host LUN0 CLARiiON disk on a server, sometimes it is not taken into account by MPxIO. Resulting in no multipathing available. (Although, single devices are available & working…)

Reason: Once MPxIO has seen some LUNZ (Gatekeeper) devices on a server, it consider every LUN0 devices as such, and don’t take them. As LUNZ are provisionned with Host Lun 0, when a real LUN0 disk is provisionned, problems comes.

Read the article to see the solution 🙂

Solution: Either reboot -- -rs the impacted server (Reboot with reconfigure) or try to apply the following procedure:

  1. cfgadm -al : List your controllers. (let’s say you have c2 and c3)
  2. cfgadm -c unconfigure c3 : Unconfigure the secondary one
  3. devfsadm -C
  4. cfgadm -c configure c3 : Reconfigure the controller
  5. devfsadm -C : Refresh the device list
  6. vxconfigd -k : Restart the veritas daemon (NOTE: do NOT use vxdctl enable, this will not work!)
  7. cfgadm -c unconfigure c2 : Do the same with the second controller
  8. devfsadm -C
  9. cfgadm -c configure c2
  10. devfsadm -C
  11. vxconfigd -k
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