Veritas: Restore from errors on private region

After the reboot of a sun server, I found a diskgroup being unusable because of a wrong disk private region that was not consistent with the information stored in Veritas..

After having tried the classics vxconfigd -k -x cleattempdir, I have found that Veritas is in fact doing some backup of the configuration of every diskgroup. This configuration could be easily restored online. Even more, this could be tested without any impact. Even better, if it doesn’t work: just rollback!

 # vxdisk -o alldgs list DEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUS EMC0_1       auto:sliced     zonedg-dg01   (zonedg)     online

This diskgroup wasn’t importable as the private region was not consistent. It consists of only one disk.

 # /etc/vx/bin/vxconfigrestore -d zonedg

When this command is issued, you can then try to see if all you volumes are there and consistent (even fsck them). The cool thing is: nothing has been commited to the disk yet. If everything is clean and runs well, just commit the restore the the disk:

 # /etc/vx/bin/vxconfigrestore -c

And voila!

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