Solaris Sun cluster core patch 126106-40 issue

I’ve recently had to apply the 126106-40 core patch for SUN Cluster and had some issues with it.. Seeing on the Internet, some issues with this patchs are documented by Juergen Scheich’s blog and describing a howto fix some of them. Actually, the error I had was a bit different from the “loaddid” cycling dependencies that was found on his blog. I had a similar issues with the sysidtool:net service which gave me the almost same error as the loaddid did. No pun intented 😉

Applying the same procedure as found on Juergen’s blog fixed also that issue! So you can just:

  1. Boot in non clustered mode
  2. Remove the loaddid service from SMF: svccfg delete loaddid
  3. Import it again from the patch’s XML file: svccfg import /path/to/patch/loaddid.xml
  4. Refresh the service: svcadm refresh loaddid
  5. init 6

This has not been faced on all the node of the cluster I was patching, but I thought it was worth a note here 😉

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