m0n0wall-CMI: The future of a great project…

Sometimes ago… I’ve started the m0n0wall-cmi project… It was apparently something that a lot of people were missing and it found some interest in the community.. Unfortunately, I had no time to continue the project further and so it kinda “died”…

Now, I’m wondering if there is still some interest in this.. and maybe I’m considering the fact to get back to work 😉 The goal would be also to adapt the whole thing to be more “web 2.0” (for whatever that means :)) and compatible with all the m0n0wall-like appliance (yes, indeed, pfsense…).

So, if you’re still interested into this project, please, shoot a comment here and let your contact details 😉 If I anyway start again to work on it sooner or later, I would be glad to have some alpha-testers under the hand..


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  1. Fernando Rodriguez says:

    Thomas are you still up for it

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