WeSunSolve: Site News April

New Features

  • Added wiki to hold the documentation;
  • Added the monitoring of multiple IPS Repositories;
  • User list now allows the user to load multiple patches at once;
  • Added patch timeline
  • Added CVE list affecting Solaris packages
  • Added patch link to CVE when issue is fixed
  • Users can now download a ZIP containing all README of user patch list
  • SSL Signed certificate added to wesunsolve.net https domain
  • User login goes over SSL by default
  • Added support for SRV4 Packages link to patches
  • Modified the structure of patch level to link SRV4 packages
  • Added user setting for API access
  • Added function to API to allow server registration and adding a patch level
  • Added patch/security report based on patch level and PCA execution
  • Added mail report for patch/security based on a patch level and patchdiag.xref automatic selection
  • We added a logo to our Wiki! (thanks to Dagobert Michelsen for the logo 😉

Full listing of changes made can be found here

Patch level report (Using PCA)

PCA has been integrated into WeSunSolve so you can generate patch report on any server registered into your account where at least one patch level is defined.
The report which is created by WeSunSolve is based on the information you are entering when adding a server’s patch level: showrev-p.out and pkginfo-l.out.
Theses two files are generated while running the Explorer or simply gathered by hand with the two corresponding commands. (respectively: /usr/bin/showrev -p and /usr/bin/pkginfo -l).

You can see there a full example of such generated report.
To generate a report like this, you must Add a server and an associated patch level, you can achieve this by following steps pointed in the documentation.

Please, give us feedback if you feel something is missing inside this report!

Mail reports

You can also get the previous report being sent to you by mail regularly, everything can be configured to fit your needs… You can:

  • Choose the server and the patch level on which the report will be generated;
  • Choose the interval between two reports being sent to you: every day, every week, every month ?
  • You can decide which patchdiag.xref delay you want to have, this is the best if you always want to have a delay between what’s out and what you will actually install.

This way, you can get a report of what patches are to be installed on your server based on an up-to-date baseline every day…

To create a report, simply follow the steps at our documentation.

API Access

As of now, you can enable the API access inside your panel and take advantage of the function we have recently implemented, like:

  • Add a server easily;
  • Upload a patch level directly from command line;

We plan to add more feature to the API very soon…

Least known features: Window size

If you are browsing WeSunSolve regularly, you can greatly enhance your browsing by fitting the size of the website to your resolution.
We’ve implemented three size of screen:

  • 960px
  • 1200px
  • 1600px

By default, the website is rendering in 960px, which is fine to cope with most of our visitors but certainly not the best one if you have a 22″ screen 😉
See our documentation to know how to change your settings.

Like it? Spread it!

Please, if you do like WeSunSolve, spread it over your fellow sysadmin! Write a blog post ’bout it and send it over to get a backlink 🙂

You found a cool way of doing something with WeSunSolve that spared you hours of work? Please, tell us how! Don’t hesitate to write a Howto on our wiki

Finally, if you want to thank me personally, you can simply connect through LinkedIN and let a little recommendation on the WeSunSolve job…

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