WeSunSolve: One year later

More than one year ago, the WeSunSolve website has been launched publicly to address the lack of information available for the Solaris operating system.

Facing it’s success, a lot of improvements, features and stuff were added.. and visitors keeps like it!

Here are some statistics about this past year on the website:


  • 307191 Unique Visits
  • 657270 Page viewed
  • 64% Bouncing Visits
  • 670 Registered Users


  • 1. United States
  • 2. United Kingdom
  • 3. Germany
  • 4. Japan
  • 5. France


  • Number of patches registered: 75928
  • Number of readmes version gathered: 63579
  • Number of checksums registered: 59471
  • Number of BugIDs registered: 365191
  • Total size of the patches repository: 623.57 GBytes
  • Number of Files detected: 1323021
  • Number of Packages: 8639
  • Number of CVE: 438

I would like to thank all the people who have made bugs reports, features requests and comments as well as the ones who have simply put their thumbs up!

If you like WeSunSolve, please spread the word! Talk ’bout it with your colleagues and share your experiences! If you’re achieving a recurrent task using WeSunSolve, why not writing a little Howto?

You’re part of a team of Solaris sysadmin? Did you know that you can know work in collaboration with your colleague on WeSunSolve? Check the documentation for more information 😉

Last but not least, do not hesitate to send me your thoughts on the website! It’s always good to hear from people who are using your work 🙂 Especially when it’s free 😉

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