SUNWjet: Add a slice 7 to a zpool’s disk

According to Oracle’s documentation, if you want to use SUNWjet to jumpstart a server with a ZFS Root pool and a slice 7 to put metadb on, you must first parition your drives and then launch the jumpstart.

This is particularly annoying as two operations are required.

I’ve found this post while searching on Google to see if it was possible to create a slice 7 automatically during the jumpstart. Unfortunately, it didn’t worked as:

  • Disks were hardcoded
  • Line 321 seemed to be architecture dependant (i86pc)

As I wanted to add this permanently and as every server I jumpstart can possibly one day use either UFS/DiskSuite or metaset, I wanted to have a slice 7 on every server in case of future use.

I wrote then this little patch to adapt the “populate_client_dir” script to add a slice 7 of 100Mb on every disk specified to be used as root pool:

So, to apply the patch, simply run:

 cd /opt/SUNWjet/Utils/solaris patch -p0 < /tmp/solaris-populate_client_dir.patch

Then, run the make_client script against your template, where you would have specified the zpool spec:

base_config_profile_zfs_disk="c0t0d0s0 c1t0d0s0"

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