Solaris 11: The signature value did not match the expected value.

Since quite sime time now I’ve been unable to upgrade my test system to Solaris 11.1.
The system was running 11.0 SRU 10.4 and for some reason, when I wanted to run ‘pkg update’, I faced this message:

pkg install: A signature in pkg://solaris/system/locale@0.5.11,5.11- could not be verified for this reason:
The signature value did not match the expected value. Res: 0
The signature's hash is 235c7674d821032ae3eeda280c7837d1f1f4fdb5

I’ve finally found (1) a solution to upgrade anyway and (2) a way to install the system/locale package, discarding this message.

pkg uninstall system/locale
LC_ALL=C pkg update --accept

Then, I’ve discovered that pkg signatures can be avoided using a pkg property:

# LC_ALL=C pkg set-property signature-policy ignore
# LC_ALL=C pkg install system/locale

And that’s it! As I’ve never had any answer to this issue anywhere, I’d thought I would share the resolution 😉

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