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Tesla Model3: 8 Months ownership

I’ve never really considered myself as a Car guy. I like cars, sure, but in a more general way, I like sensations: speed, acceleration, you name it. Although, I would never have thought blogging about one in the past. Today … Continue reading

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It’s all about some encounters…

About 9 years ago, a friend of mine was thinking about his life and had what I can recall as being the following thought: It’s odd how sometimes in life, certain people you meet are going to impact your life … Continue reading

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Solaris m4 broken on latest 11.3 SRU

Today I’ve had to troubleshoot an issue with sendmail where the make in the config directory would create an error message like this: # make test ! -f || /usr/bin/mv /usr/bin/m4 ../m4/cf.m4 > /usr/bin/ can’t … Continue reading

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OpenVPN: Listen on TCP and UDP with TUN

Today I’ll describe how to get OpenVPN to listen both to UDP and TCP port, using both¬†tun device¬†and the same network for clients. Meaning the same client can connect on either TCP or UDP and get the same IP Address … Continue reading

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Solaris 11: The signature value did not match the expected value.

Since quite sime time now I’ve been unable to upgrade my test system to Solaris 11.1. The system was running 11.0 SRU 10.4 and for some reason, when I wanted to run ‘pkg update’, I faced this message: pkg install: … Continue reading

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VirtualBox IPS Package for Solaris 11

Some time ago I had to write a script to convert currently downloadable VirtualBox Package into IPS Packages for Solaris 11. As I found the thing really useful, I decided to setup a repository to provide everyone easy access over … Continue reading

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IPS Repository

I’ve recently been able to build two IPS repositories for Solaris 11, so I’m now sharing access to these here. The first repository concern some package that I’m using on a daily basis, so I’m just sharing them: To … Continue reading

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Solaris Hotplug: Manage your devices!

Solaris Hotplug can be used in various ways, let’s see what we can get out of it! Enable the daemon First of all, we should enable the daemon before anything else: # svcadm enable hotplug Listing devices You can list … Continue reading

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Solaris: Tracing your application

Every Solaris system administrator already know the truss utility, which allow you to trace the system calls as your application is running. I recently discovered another tool which I found to be really helpful when you want to know what … Continue reading

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Analyze System Hangs using SCAT

There are already a lot of Howto’s out there explaining how to use the SCAT tool to analyze some Solaris Crash-dumps; Although, I will try here to describe how to analyze a HANG of a system instead of a pure … Continue reading

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