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It’s all about some encounters…

About 9 years ago, a friend of mine was thinking about his life and had what I can recall as being the following thought: It’s odd how sometimes in life, certain people you meet are going to impact your life … Continue reading

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One Liner: Ifstat

Recently I tried ifstat on a freshly updated linux box with a 3.2 kernel, it was reporting nothing (0kb) although the network was heavily used. A quick one-liner confirmed this and I decided to keep it here for later use: … Continue reading

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Mobotix Cameras: getting the stream

I’ve grabbed some times ago two Mobotix cameras.. I must say first that I was impressed by they quality (nice look, high resolutions, good framerate and nevertheless, GNU/Linux based).

As I put them to monitor some outdoor part of my house, I’ve wanted to record everything that would happen, but hey, first question, how to record ?

Indeed, they don’t support MPEG4 streaming. In fact, they are using some half-proprietary MxPEG format, that seems to be on its way to become a good choice when it comes to camera streaming. I’ve searched out the internet to find the SDK of the camera that provide also the little mxgconv binary, allowing you to convert MxPEG to JPEG frames. Well.

Here is then the little script I used to record in MPEG4 everything coming from the cameras on hourly-basis.

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Inject Outlook PST Archives files into IMAP account

After searching for a LONG while for a method to inject my outlook pst files into my IMAP server without any success… I decided to write some scripts to do it myself. This is using a mix of libpst, perl, bash and some mbox2imap script found on the net…

Check the full article for details!

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Virtualbox: Scripts to make my life easier

It’s been a few month that I daily use Virtualbox for my home virtual machines.. As I have a couple of theses, I wanted some scripts to ease the manipulation I have to make.. This post is simply to share … Continue reading

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What’s in the pipe…

Hello folks, This post is to keep you updated about the future of articles posted here… We’ve just bought a new house and moved into it so now I’m preparing the network and doing some testing on virtual machines and … Continue reading

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AJAX: Changing the content of a web page dynamically…

It’s been some time already that I wanted to know “How the f*ck does theses AJAX thing works”.. Today I’ve tried some tiny things in AJAX and was suprise of the simplicity of all that stuff. I’ll describe in little piece of code what I achieve and how, in case of anyone of you might be interested 😉

So what I wanted, is to have a static xhtml web page, which I could load instantly and then change some content into this page without the need to reload it. -> AJAX baby.

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Three words: I Love You

This simple entry is only for you, Vanessa. I Love You my little butterfly :]

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Debian LAMP Failover cluster: Implementation

Today, I had to build a solution to implement a redundant LAMP failover cluster.. I will report here how I achieved that and which software I used.


  • 2 Nodes (hardware identical, if possible);
  • 2 Network card per node;
  • 2 Hard drive per node;

Softwares used:

  • Debian GNU/Linux (any other linux distribution could fit);
  • Software RAID-1 (md);
  • Heartbeat-2;
  • DRBD-8;
  • Apache-2;
  • PHP5;
  • MySQL;
  • BIND9

This permit to have following functionnalities:

  • Prevent Harddisk failure (RAID-1);
  • Prevent network failure (Bonding, for my part, two interfaces connected on redundant network switches)
  • Prevent node failure (DRBD+Heartbeat : files are replicated to second node and services are balanced when a node falls)


  • node1 is at;
  • node2 is at;
  • clusturized ip is at;
  • gateway is

Read more to see how exactly the implentation has goes on…

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Analyzing a bunch of apache log files

Today I wanted to know how much my web server was used, since it was online since a bit more than a year now…

But as there were a lot of virtual hosts on it, How could I see the global statistics ?

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